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Latest News and Events


Principal’s Corner

It’s been a busy few weeks in the classroom. The Lower Juniors have been studying India and the plight of the Adivasi people. The pictures show Chembakoli houses being constructed. Also an impressive India display can also be seen on the classroom wall. Last week Mrs Shaw took the class for a day of music at the Sing Spring festival at Earl Mortimer.

HELP! The Infants have had an attack and can be seen protecting the baby penguins from those hungry Skuas. Having moved away from the Antarctic this half term they will be looking at Peter Rabbit and ‘Hey Presto!’
Peter is adopted for the day.

The Upper Juniors have been in the forest constructing dens and getting very, very muddy. In the classroom Hindu pilgrimages, sustainable farming and SAT preparation have been the order of the day. Mrs Eckley keep them working.

There are 11 reception admissions for next year and one pupil who will be coming into Year 1. This means we will start next year with 69 pupils. Our recommended capacity is 70. So a big thanks to all in promoting the school, your word of mouth is greatly appreciated.

Finally I am sad to inform you all of the passing of John Gerrish. John was part of a nucleus of villagers who fought hard to continue education at our school. He acted as the Headmaster before we became a Free School and served as a Trustee until his passing. We owe him much, may he rest in peace.
Also sadly, Alison Allin, after a long illness, passed away. She worked hard on the Friends committee fund-raising. Never to be forgotten were her scarecrow weekends. Thankyou Alison and rest in peace.

Sports News
Congratulations to Betty, Ottilie, Alice, Ellie, Seth, Aaron & Mason who all achieved their RED swimming badges this half term. Fingers crossed for the Juniors.
We also entered a team into the HFA competition which was held in Hereford. The team played with great spirit and won the competition. Well done team and many thanks Mike. A Sports club success