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Principal’s Corner

Reception and the Infants are now full for September 2019.The New children will be in school on Wednesday afternoons after half term. May has been a busy month in St Mary’s. The Infants have been studying transport, in particular canals & the narrow boat way of life. The children are enjoying making their own model boats. See Junes Newsletter
The Lower Juniors enjoyed their Caerleon adventure at the Roman Baths and Amphitheatre and now they have moved onto the Anglo-Saxons. To experience Saxon life pupils are completing their own woven wall-hanging on handmade looms.
Year 6 have worked hard towards their SATs and are now preparing their final writing assessments based on the ‘Hobbit’. They have also been finding out about the Magna Carta and how it has shaped our British Values today. To relax ‘en francais le eleves ont prépare et mange les crepes. No Brexit in the Upper Juniors !

Online Safety Concern (Fortnite)

The aim of the game is to kill everyone else until you're the only one left. It shows graphic animated imagery. It is for children aged 12 to 13 years and over and it is very addictive. Because of the violence and online chat function pupils can be exposed to stranger danger and bad language. Like all computer games it can affect behaviour, moods and sleeping patterns depending on the length of time a child plays it. These effects have certainly been evident in the behaviour and performance of some older pupils.


The Infants have just started swimming again and will continue until 7th June. Congratulations to Ben & Maddy who achieved their green badges and Ivy who achieved her yellow. Daniella also achieved her bronze ASA front crawl speed test.
On Monday Sports Club will continue to the summer holidays.