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NEWSLETTER Monday 19th November 2012

On Friday, 9th November, the School held a Remembrance Service, starting with a short talk by Edward Jones, Secretary of the Dilwyn Royal British Legion, at the RAF memorial on the Green, commemorating the sacrifice of a young pilot who crashed his plane rather than risk injury to anyone in the village of Dilwyn.

We then moved on to the main memorial and then into Church, where the Revd. John Lewis conducted a brief service of thanksgiving and gratitude to those who have served and to those who are still serving in the name of their country.

The following Friday was ‘Children in Need’ Day and our children (and staff) were allowed to come into school wearing pyjamas; some strange sights were seen but good fun was had by all!

To raise further funds, we held a cake sale, with the usual wonderful selection of delicious cakes, and several pupils did their own sponsored event, including a day’s silence (almost unbelievably successful..!) and running around the field. As a result, with money still coming in, we have raised in excess of £150 – a remarkable result. Well done, everybody! At Assembly that morning, our singing was accompanied by respectively the Junior and Senior guitar groups. They all played very well and it was a joy to have them play with us.

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John R. Gerrish