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NEWSLETTER Monday 8th October 2012

A crucial component of our curriculum is that concerned with science and the environment, where the activities are both varied and testing. We are fortunate in having on the staff, a very experienced science teacher, Mr Peter Kyles, and you will know from many of the lessons he taught last year that the children were very engaged with what they were doing and, most importantly, enjoying it. Most recently, they have been using microscopes to look for micro-organisms in our pond and, I believe, they found all sorts of interesting things!

Forest School, of course, uses the environment in a slightly different way, testing the children in various activities in a natural setting. Last week’s challenge involved eggs – but in a rather strange context: they had to protect the egg and then transport it when attached to a stretched piece of string from A to B, without breaking it. Remarkably, they all achieved it without a single breakage- a triumph indeed for their skill and dexterity! Here you see one group wrapping up their egg and another pair transporting it.

I am pleased to report that the negotiations and processes regarding the achievement of Free School status continue to go well and we hope soon to have a target date for ‘opening’ the ‘new’ school. Thank you for all your responses to the consultation. As expected, there was overwhelming support for our project, with some 96% voting in favour and some extremely positive comments made. The final report should be ready soon and will, of course, be published and distributed as soon as possible.

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John R. Gerrish