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Principal’s Corner
The May Day festival was a great success and the weather kept fine. The maypole dancing has been a Dilwyn School Tradition since the Victorian days. Long may the tradition continue. Many thanks Heather, see you next year. 
The Infants have been looking at Life Cycles, the frog lets are now sitting on the rocks and the chicks and ducklings have hatched. Rose and her mum found an egg on the verge in Westhope and 24 days later look at what happened.
The Lower Juniors have been studying the Greeks and decorated Papier Maché urns have appeared. A great display of artwork that can be seen in the classroom. The Chinese have a lot to answer for!
Year 6’s have completed their SATs and can be seen celebrating on the field. The results arrive in school on 10th July so keep your fingers crossed. The Upper Juniors have all been down on the farm learning about sustainable agriculture. The trip to Leen Farm was both informative and interesting. In the afternoon they went to Croft Castle and played in their woodland adventure park. A great day with fantastic weather.

Well done to the Year 3 & 4 Tennis Team who won the Weobley Cluster competition. Many thanks go to Mike for looking after the group. Mike’s Sports Club continues to be a great success on Mondays and will continue to the end of term.
The Infants are currently doing dance in the Hall with Mrs Bennet on a Thursday afternoon.