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About The School

St Mary's C of E Primary School is a small village school divided into three classrooms. Small classes ensure that our excellent teaching team can provide support or challenges to individual pupils as required. We also have an imaginative approach to staffing with specialist subject teachers teaching across the classes.

All pupils benefit from a range of amenities including a playground, extensive school field, wildlife garden and local woodland where we go for Forest School.

Hot lunches, provided by JP Catering Services, are available every day and parents may order from a weekly menu or children can be provided with a healthy packed lunch. Children have easy access to drinking water throughout the day and at morning break, to encourage healthy eating, fresh fruit is available to all pupils.

In January 2013 the Department of Education granted St Mary's C of E Primary School Free School status, which means we are free of Local Authority control.

Harvest Festival

British Values

The Magna Carta (Grand Charter) of 1215 was signed by King John and set out the values of our country. These values where celebrated in 2015 (800 Years) and are followed at St Mary's.


  • We respect and abide by the laws of Britain.
  • We understand the special position of The Queen, The House of Commons and The House of Lords has in governing our country.
  • We respect and tolerate those of different faiths beliefs and  backgrounds.
  • We give equal worth and opportunities to boys and girls  and men and women.
  • We have the freedom to make our own personal choices.
  • We have the freedom to express our views in many different ways.
  • When we are adults, we will have the freedom to buy and sell our own property and other goods.
  • We understand the importance of typically British institutions such as the Royal Family, the Houses of Parliament, the church and the BBC.
  • We know the importance of British history and culture, and we are aware of how past events have affected our lives today.
  • We love a wide range of sports and we appreciate fair play.
  • We care for our country, the land and its people. 


School Policies

School Policy documents can be downloaded from the Downloads Page.

Further Information

Term Dates and other important events.

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Ofsted Report April 2017

> Download our April 2017 Ofsted Report:

Aims for St Mary's C of E Primary School

Our Aims

  • Provide an inspirational curriculum in a caring, family style environment with a Christian ethos.
  • Create a safe, secure and stimulating environment to promote the development of resilient, motivated and independent learning.
  • Help children understand the rights and responsibilities of individuals living in Britain today, guided by the Christian ethos of love, kindness and compassion.
  • Promote Christian values and provide opportunities to worship God and celebrate Christianity whilst recognizing the diversity of our families and local community.
  • Achieve excellence in all we do.
  • Prepare children for their future lives in a complex and rapidly changing world.
  • Appreciate the contribution of our children, parents, carers, governors, church and community in the life of the school.


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