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April Newsletter

Principal’s Corner

The willow is closely associated with the Goddess Hecate in Greek Mythology. A powerful goddess of the Underworld who had links to the Moon and provides powers of sorcery and witchcraft. Well Emma, Sara & Laura certainly worked up their magic with the help of the pupils and produced a wonderful willow arbour in the school garden. The teachers cant wait to tell their tales and stories of mystery and intrigue inside. In the school forty days and nights have passed and the celebration of the festival of Easter concluded the term. A final service in church was very kindly linked to the giving of chocolate eggs thanks to George Bray who has a long association with the school. Many thanks George. Aeife was a star and played solo on the flute. When school returns after Easter the focus is on SATs preparation for Years Two and Six. The Upper Juniors will be also asking is there enough food produced in the world to go round. The Lower Juniors will focus their efforts on the History & Geography of Dilwyn while spiders those wonderful eight hairy legged Arachnids will continue to crawl around the Infants carpet.

Sports News

Sports Clubs continue throughout the summer term. Congratulations go to all the Juniors who achieved swimming badges. Aiefe, Scarlotte, Freya, Phoebe, Maise, Fearne and Georgia all achieved Yellow Badges (Level 5) while Pippa, Lulu, Michal, Ella and William all achieved the highest Purple Badge (Level 6).


Many of our Juniors play Roblox & Minecraft. The games are harmless, however be aware that children can talk to strangers, which can be a potential safeguarding  issue. Please monitor your child online. Stay safe!

Dates for the Diary

Dates for the Diary

Monday 9th May KS2 SATs start

Monday 16th May KS1 SATs start

Monday 30th May—Friday 3rd June HALF-TERM

Monday 13th June Year 4 Tables Check

Thursday 30th June Jubilee School Holiday