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Welcome to St Mary's Primary School

St Mary’s C of E Primary School is situated in the black and white village of Dilwyn, surrounded by beautiful Herefordshire countryside. The school is adjacent to the Church and has close links with the Parish and the local community. For over 175 years the school has provided education based on traditional Christian values.

At St Mary's C of E Primary School our ethos is to respond to the ways in which young children learn. We provide opportunities to learn through both play and exploration. Children are naturally curious, interested in the people around them and their surroundings. Our aim is to build on these foundations and nurture the needs of each individual child to fulfil their potential. 

British Values

The Magna Carta (Grand Charter) of 1215 was signed by King John and set out the values of our country. We will celebrate 800 Years of this charter next Year. 


  • We respect and abide by the laws of Britain.
  • We understand the special position of The Queen, The House of Commons and The House of Lords has in governing our country.
  • We respect and tolerate those of different faiths beliefs and  backgrounds.
  • We give equal worth and opportunities to boys and girls  and men and women.
  • We have the freedom to make our own personal choices.
  • We have the freedom to express our views in many different ways.
  • When we are adults, we will have the freedom to buy and sell our own property and other goods.
  • We understand the importance of typically British institutions such as the Royal Family, the Houses of Parliament, the church and the BBC.
  • We know the importance of British history and culture, and we are aware of how past events have affected our lives today.
  • We love a wide range of sports and we appreciate fair play.
  • We care for our country, the land and its people. 


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